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Ukrainian Community

Discover a wide array of resources dedicated to supporting Ukrainian communities in Chicago. From media groups and charity organizations to cultural centers and financial services, find everything you need to stay connected and thrive. Whether you seek affordable housing, cultural enrichment, or financial assistance, our comprehensive directory ensures you can access the support you need. Join us in empowering and uplifting our local Ukrainian communities.

Ukrainian Chicago Church


Serving as community spiritual centers, fostering a sense of unity and faith.

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Ukrainian Chicago Cert 1


Local schools in the Ukrainian Village or nearby neighborhoods offering educational opportunities.

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Ukrainian Chicago doctors


Find Ukrainian speaking healthcare providers and doctors in the community.

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Ukrainian Chicago credit union

Credit Unions

Credit Unions that support the Ukrainian community.

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Ukrainian Chicago businesses


A variety of businesses, from quaint shops to bustling world wide enterprises.

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Ukrainian Chicago consulate


Facilitating a diplomatic relationship and promoting exchanges.

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Ukrainian Chicago Media Icon

Media Groups

Explore a variety of media groups dedicated to serving the Ukrainian community in Chicago, offering news, entertainment, and cultural programming to keep you informed and connected.

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Ukrainian Chicago hearrt Icon

Charity Organizations

Discover charitable organizations focused on supporting the Ukrainian community through various initiatives, including aid programs, educational support, and community development projects.

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Ukrainian Chicago culture Icon

Cultural Centers

Visit cultural centers that celebrate Ukrainian heritage, offering events, classes, and exhibitions to promote and preserve Ukrainian traditions and arts.

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Ukrainian Chicago housing Icon

Affordable Housing

Find resources and programs aimed at providing affordable housing options for newcomers in the Ukrainian community, ensuring access to safe and affordable living spaces.

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Ukrainian Chicago banking Icon

Financial Services

Access a range of financial services tailored to the Ukrainian community, including banking, ATMS, loans, and financial planning to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Ukrainian Food Bank

Food Banks

Dedicated to providing nutritious food to people in need. Distribution of food items, nutrition education, and additional resources to help combat food insecurity in our community.

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Mental Health Ukrainian

Mental Health Facilities

Comprehensive support for individuals and families. Offering counseling, therapy sessions, and support groups to help you navigate life's challenges.

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Ukrainian Congress Commitee in Illinois

The Illinois Division, often referred to as the "Chicago Division", traces it's roots back to 1949.

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Community Organizations

The Ukrainian community has various organizations and groups.

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